Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FOLIAGE ROUTE #1 Revisited!

I have created 4 foliage viewing routes for the Williamstown area. Here is the first of the group.
From the 1896 House driveway, take a RIGHT onto Rte 7 NORTH. Follow until you see COYOTE FLACO RESTAURANT on your left. Exactly 3/10 of a mile from there, take a LEFT (a very sharp turn) at BEE HILL ROAD and follow this dirt road all the way to the top.
Stop and park at the small paved parking lot (holds about 3 cars) and have a quick short walk to the marker plate in the field. While ooing and ahhing at the view, this marker will explain to you exactly what mountains you are gazing at.

You are at the upper level of SHEEP HILL (see my earlier blog on this) and are welcome to hike any of the trails you see around you down to the Sheep Hill buildings.
Back in the car, continue driving to the end of the dirt road (which is Rte 2) and take a LEFT. Go down the hill to the bottom. This will be Rte 7 again. If you go right and travel about 6 miles, you will cross into NY and see some breathtaking mountains.
Take a RIGHT on Rte 7 (SOUTH) ...and follow it over that really scenic hill everyone likes to photograph,
then continue past the high school to the bottom of the hill.
Take a LEFT onto Rte 43 NORTH. Stop into Store At Five Corners for a few minutes of looksee and grab a sandwich or treat from their baked goods section.
Green River Farms is a cool place to get out and walk through.
Stop in at the store and greenhouse.
If it is the weekend, you can take a horse-drawn ride in the wagon.
They also have apple picking and a fun little petting zoo. Continue up rte 43 North.
On the right you will see a sign for MOUNT HOPE PARK. Go into the entrance. The brook views on either side are terrific.
Follow the road all the way around to the left. (HOPPER ROAD). A pleasant drive.
Make another friend along the way!
Take it to the end where you come to a cross street and see a sign that reads: “TO MT GREYLOCK TRAILS”. Take that LEFT and go up that street all the way to the end (dirt road). There are great little views on this road. Go all the way back to the MOUNT HOPE PARK entrance you came in on. Take a RIGHT back onto Rte 43 NORTH. Look for BLAIR ROAD on the right just a short distance up.
Take a RIGHT into BLAIR ROAD and follow it (a very bumpy dirt road) all the way up and around and through the farm.
Breathtaking views in this area!
Probably is the most spectacular in Williamstown.
This bumpy dirt road will eventually turn into a paved suburban neighborhood and go down a hill to wind up behind The Orchards Hotel on Rte 2. Take a RIGHT on Rte 2 (EAST) and follow until you see LUCE ROAD on the right.
Take RIGHT on “LUCE D” (as the sign reads) and follow this road all the way up past the farm, past the water treatment plant and down to the left at the fork.
Stop at the little Farmstand and get some delicious tomatoes or corn. This will bring you back down the hill to Rte 2.
Take a RIGHT on Rte 2 (EAST) and follow until you begin to climb a hill. On the left is a sign for Rte 8 NORTH. Take this left and go only about 3/10 of a mile, take the LEFT on McCauley Road and up to the right (on the dirt road).
This leads up to THE NATURAL BRIDGE STATE PARK. At the top (end of the road), park and have a walk around. Takes about 30 minutes (see my blog on Natural Bridge on our website).
Come back down the road and take a right and go back to Rte 2 WEST.
Go to 7 SOUTH back to The 1896 House.
Total Time (with 1 meal stop and tourist stuff): 2.5 Hours

Happy Autumn!
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