Tuesday, August 25, 2009


You (Moose) think I'm crazy...

but (Eye) love this stuff!

Talented artists were busy as a (Beaver) making this outdoor art!

No (Lion), some of these statues really stand out on the road!

What a (Tree-t) to discover them!
(Hail) to the artists!

Do (Ewe) like this stuff too?

Where the (Elk) did I get all these bad jokes from??!

I (Totem) to get you interested in the art!

Where oh where are these gems located?...

MOOSE (Many in front of stores on the main streets) in nearby Bennington VT

EYEBALL (several different, some have blue lights in them and some are even chairs!) Williams Art Museum Route 2, Williamstown

BEAVER (south Berkshire) on Mt Washington Road in LEE, MA

UPSIDE DOWN TREE (Mass MoCA courtyard) North Adams, MA

INDIAN (Across from a Camping Park) Route 2, Charlemont, MA

LION (actually there are two and they are in different positions with different facial expressions) Rt 2 Williamstown, MA

SHEEP (Route 7) Pittsfield, MA

ELK (Memorial dedicated to Elks who died in WWI) Route 2, Florida, MA

TOTEM POLE (There’s also a giant Indian Chief statue painted just as “dainty”!) Route 2-Charlemont-Mohawk Trail, MA

Have a creative day!