Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Check out the Wonderful Blog Post from a Guest!

The Wonderful Williamstown 1896 House Inn and Country Lodgings
From Linda, who writes the Distracted Wandered Blog. 

A couple of weeks ago, my oldest daughter Amanda and I took a mini-break to head up to Vermont so that I could take pictures of covered bridges and she could visit her friend Darci who is attending Bennington College in Southern Vermont. I thought it would also be the ideal time to find someplace nice to stay in the Berkshires so after a little bit of searching on the Internet, I found The 1896 House Inn and Country Lodgings in Williamstown, a small town tucked away in the northwest corner of Massachusetts.

Read the rest of the blog and check out her terrific photos at http://www.thedistractedwanderer.com/2011/10/wonderful-williamstown-1896-house-inn.html