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 It's been a year, but this info still holds true! Foliage season is a week early this year so enjoy & bring your camera! : ) KC
Take Rte 7 SOUTH (Left out of Brookside-Barnside, Right out of Pondside) and follow about 11 miles until you see VACATION VILLAGE on the left. Just AFTER that sign is North Main Street where the MOUNT GREYLOCK sign is.
Follow this road up past the horse farm and take your first right. Follow the signs directing you to SCENIC BYWAY-VISITORS CENTER.
Enjoy the whimsical temporary "cemetary" some clever local constructed. There are some amazing details.
Stop at the Visitors Center (located on the right on a hill) and get maps and advice if you are planning to hike.
To drive, it is easy…just follow the road…it is the only one going UP.
Slow down for hikers...

Follow signs for THE SUMMIT when there is a fork in the road.
It will take about 20-30 minutes to get there.
There are pull offs on the way to enjoy and take small hikes on.

Stop and park ($2.00 fee) and walk around up top.
Go into the Memorial building and climb the stairs for the ultimate view.
Make sure to walk all the way around it for some great viewing after you get to ground level again..
Grab a quick bite at BASCOM LODGE.

Drive down to RTE 2 from the first cross street you see below the parking area. Use your lowest gears instead of riding the brakes when you see the warning signs at the side of the road... I burned out my front brakes by not using the lower gears, so heed my advice.

Stay straight on this road with no turn offs, down the hill (several hairpin turns be careful!). It will be a pleasant journey down the hill.
At the bottom of the hill, stay straight until you see a body of water on the left. Take the immediate sharp RIGHT down the hill. It will be painted in red on the steel beam "TO RT 2". This will be NOTCH ROAD (no sign) and it comes out at the bottom onto busy Rte 2.
Take the right turn to go to NORTH ADAMS-RTE 2 EAST. Stay on 2 East until you see a sign for Rte 8 SOUTH towards Cheshire-Pittsfield. Take the right turn in downtown North Adams in order to stay on Rte 8 SOUTH.
Look for Whitneys Farm on your left side.A terrific Farm Store awaits!

Great Whoopie Pies and Oatmeal Cream Cookies here.
There is also a Corn Maze, a petting zoo,
and ghouls dotting the pumpkin patch.
Follow Rte 8 SOUTH until you see an entrance sign at a stop light for the BERKSHIRE MALL. This is Old State Road. Take this right turn and follow up and around to the right (do not go to the Target lot!) and go right at the Fork in the road.
Take it until you go by the pretty pond and look on the left for SUMMER STREET.
Take the left onto Summer Street and follow to the end, which is Rte 7.
Take a Right on Rte 7 (NORTH) and follow until you get to the 1896 House.
Total Time (includes stopping for a meal and photos): 3.5 Hours

Happy Autumn! xx
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