Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I am really enjoying Williamstown. The drives are wonderful, especially now in October when the leaves are turning and the air is crisp. Williamstown is famous for it's college and museums, but my main attraction to the area is the amazing scenic beauty...and I am SO lovin the local Mom n Pop businesses I keep finding up here. Minutes away is a terrific farm. Finding it was a photographers dream.
CRICKET CREEK FARM is easy to get to from The 1896 House. Just take Rte 7 SOUTH past that wonderful hillside everyone photographs up by the high school. (I managed to have a cow stick her tongue out at me when I took this photo). Such is the general reaction to a certified tourist and hardcore leaf peeper. (sigh)
At the bottom of the hill, across from THE STORE AT FIVE CORNERS, take a RIGHT onto Rte 43 SOUTH. Travel a mile or so, then take a RIGHT on OBLONG ROAD and stay on it until you reach CRICKET CREEK FARM.
It's a dirt road, but in fairly good condition. The Wondercar hardly shook at all.
Enjoy the terrific views on your journey there!
CRICKET CREEK FARM will be on your left.
Pull into the drive and park over near the pig pen. : )
The farm chickens are certainly FREE RANGE (they sell their eggs in the store). They were all over the place, clucking, pecking and watching me very carefully. I had a blast following them around with the camera, but I don't think they felt so chummy about me.
There was also a dog and a cat hanging around and they were very friendly. I laughed at the piggies in the pen who were oinking happily away. Cricket Creek strives to have content animals. This a totally cruelty-free farm.
The FARM STORE was a pleasant surprise. Open 7 days a week, they have tons of stuff from their own farm and from local artisans.
Here is their website: http://www.cricketcreekfarm.com/?page=home
Once inside, there were several rooms to peruse.
The fresh baked goods caught my eye.
Delicious looking breads, cookies, cakes and even different homemade granolas! There is a schedule of what gets baked on which day of the week and they follow an HONOR SYSTEM for payment, which is quite admirable in this day and age. There is always someone around to answer questions.
There are fresh Maple products, Beeswax Candles and Honey products on hand.

I loved the different Jams and homemade stuff.

They had meats and cheeses, raw (healthy!)milk, eggs, and berry crisps in the fridge.
There was even some cool Pottery and handmade Mugs.
Cricket Creek is a Cheese-Making Farm, among other products, and there is a glassed overlook to gaze down into the cheese room where you can see how they make the cheese. It is a slow process, so you may only catch one of the steps on your visit.
Our '6 House Pub uses cheese from Cricket Creek.
Upstairs is an Art Gallery right now and can be rented to host a party or event for 20-30 people. Pleasant paintings along the walls. What a great setting for a party!
I strolled around the farm a little and then began the ride home.

I took a LEFT at the exit (still a dirt road) and followed it all the way to the end, which is Rte 7 right across from Scott Hill Road.
I enjoyed the scenery and sights along the way.
It's nice to know places like this still exist. I'll be back soon!

Happy Autumn-time!


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